English Suomeksi
English Suomeksi


We're supplier for technical textiles, which have a protective layer of pvc, pu, silicon or other any other polymer.
These qualities have specific technical characteristics, such as water resistance, micro porous, breathable, anti-static, fireproof, printing and others.
Textiles are used in applications where the need for protection against water, wind, frost, chemicals, gases, oils or animal fats, urine/sweat.
Our quality meets all the requirements of the health care- and clothing industry.

  • EN 343 waterproof             
  • EN 20471 hazard colour               
  • Weld ability                       
  • Antistatic                        
  • Chemical resistance               
  • Fire resistance                   
  • Oil resistance                   
  • Food Contact / animal fat resistance   

Our qualities meet the REACH and we only use chemicals, which are not on CRM or SVHC list.